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vichan (formerly known as Tinyboard+vichan-devel) is the engine that runs vichan, 8chan.co and many other imageboards, a fork of Tinyboard with value added, mostly in fields such as features, user interface and internationalisation. The code is released under a modified MIT license, so it's open source and free software.

Tinyboard is the imageboard engine focused at the cleanliness of code, high configurability, lighweightedness and security. Its development is currently inactive. See: http://tinyboard.org/

The development is taking place here: https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan - we are open to new patches, just use the proper GitHub functionality to send us those (you don't need to issue pull requests).
IRC Channel: #vichan-devel @ irc.6irc.net ( http://webchat.6irc.net/?channels=vichan-devel )

There are currently two active branches:
- 4.5 - the stable one (currently on git branch `4.5`) – it's the branch that we run on https://int.vichan.net/ and https://pl.vichan.net/
- 5.0 - the staging one (currently on git branch `master`), it incorporates a new catalog and multiimage posting, see for instance http://lt.vichan.net/b/

/!\ HEADS UP /!\ ← the git `master` branch is now the 5.0 branch. If you want to have a really stable experience, please execute `git checkout 4.5` ! If you'd rather experiment, stay on the master branch.

If you currently use Tinyboard, vichan-devel or an older vichan versions, back up your inc/instance-config.php file and overwrite your files, or use `git pull`, then run /install.php script.

Be aware, that upgrading from 4.5 to 5.0 is currently experimental and you REALLY SHOULD back up your database before upgrading (there will be no way back). You can stay on 4.5 branch, we will issue security updates and bugfixes, but be sure to issue `git checkout 4.5` if you use git for upgrading.

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We also release versioned releases from time to time. See posts below.

Of course, using git (and no, I don't mean github here) for synchronizing the code is recommended:
git clone https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan
git submodule init
git submodule update

Then, if you want to upgrade, you issue:
git pull

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I'm going to use this but I just want to know that if we can add such features:
1) Anons has to enter thread title. It can't be left blank.
2) Nudity filter for image uploading.
Even though they don't work relatively good, some JS and PHP solutions are exist.
> http://www.9lessons.info/2014/01/block-uploads-of-adult-or-nude-images.html
> https://github.com/FreebieStock/php-nudity-detector


Those are all possible with a little tweaking. Use vichan, it's an active branch of Tinyboard with more extensive features. The main tb branch is no longer active.


I know it's possible. I'm just too lazy to do it by myself. Maybe someone has done it before, right?


No. Nobody has done that.

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New install and posting throws this error. It looks like the post still goes through though.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function hex2bin() in


actually the post did not go through. Additional error info

Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxxxxx/public_html/chanchan/inc/api.php:116)


update php
$config['api']['enabled'] = false;

File: 1t03qcyj.vichan.jpg (52.25 KB, 1273x495, 445.jpg, io e g)


I have a godaddy hosting and problems with video embed. (error 406)

I just sent a report to them and they says that is not a problem of them.
So, anyone knows how to fix this problem?

Thank you in advance

(sorry for my grammatical errors)


Same problem, except embeds are disabled and it just happens from time to time when someone writes a post or even just submits a form to /post.php with every field visible in the browser being empty. The problem goes away when I manually rebuild index and thread caches of the board where the bug happens. As far as my googling skills let me get, it looks like the spam filter of vichan conflicts with godaddy's mod_security. I am responsible for user support only, and although I have got access to the engine internals, I cannot make decisions like changing the provider. Vichan's version is the latest commit from github master, the admin says. Could you devs please investigate the situation? What should I do?


You may disable the antispam, which wouldn't be the best idea. Maybe ask godaddy to disable mod_security for your website?


They do not allow it for regular hosting. I read the source and modified it for simpler field names. A bad idea. But at least still no 406 today.

File: 1t2726nw.vichan.jpg (16.73 KB, 446x157, errorvichanflood.JPG, io e g)


What this?

I reinstalled Vichan and yet this error occurs


All posts are being duplicated.


Brazil a shit, fuck off.

File: 1t1wrt6i.vichan.png (37.82 KB, 169x180, logo_180.png, io g)


I am having issues with flood detection and rebuilding on Tinyboard 4.9.92

Selecting Flush cache, Rebuild Javascript, Rebuild index pages, Rebuild thread pages will give this error:


On the bottom of the catalog of the alphabetically first board on the website.

Here is what happens selecting all of the rebuild options:


And here is what happens when posting:


Running on Windows Home Server 2011, Apache2 (2.4.9), PHP 5.5.12 and MySQL 5.6.17.

Most important thing to fix right now would be the posting issue I guess. Thanks for any help!


Seems like there is an issue with building the java script. I had Ajax controls already enabled when I installed the thing and now i cant rebuild it, which could possibly have something to do with the flood issue?

File: 1srcn6wu.vichan.png (311.12 KB, 1900x927, Screenshot_1.png, io g)


How i can import bbcode markup?
Tags like [b][/b][i][/i] and other for post markup?
I also try import this script, picrilated
Many features for imageboard included.
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With forks from >>485 yes i have many problems when i configure all this js
User-js from op post stable and work good with Greasmonkey in FF
If you want import to server side, need edit script for compatibility with tinyboard


есть версия для вичана встроенная?

File: 1t0tjjp0.vichan.png (198.53 KB, 438x544, 13433376967.png, io g)


Hi, how to enable features "click to expand" and "quick reply" in tinyboard?
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I read, but not know name and value abou this in /mod.php?/config


look for the file /inc/config.php in the install directory,
view the file in a text editor, go to the JavaScript section and the scripts you want from the /js folder.


But make sure to append changes to instance-config.php

File: 1syc6fdi.vichan.png (9.23 KB, 707x228, 126579443132.png, io g)


How can I disable image posting on a board?


read inc/config.php


go to (or create)
add these lines

$config['force_body'] = true;
$config['force_body_op'] = true;
$config['force_image_op'] = false;
$config['max_images'] = 0;
$config['error']['toomanyimages'] = _('Images are disabled on this board.');

only add the <?php if the file did not exist.

File: 1t19v3u8.vichan.png (18.79 KB, 673x148, Screenshot from 2014-11-11 00:&hellip;, io g)


I got my board setup just fine only issue I have now is this error when posting. I looked all over google for a solution and could not find anything.


$config['api']['enabled'] = false;

File: 1t1cz2xn.vichan.jpg (44.42 KB, 766x227, Untitled.jpg, io e g)


How can I add direct boardlinks to compact boardlist like in 8chan?

Currently have this:

$config['boards'] = array(
"fa_home" => array("home" => "/"),
"Boards" => array('a', 'b', 'c'),
"fa_search" => array("search" => "/search.php")


8chan actually uses a different compact board list thing. I don't know how to do it on vichan, but you could try using the 8chan one. Just take a look at 8chan's github, then copy what you need.

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