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Vichan support for the shitty software does not exist. The far superior and 30 times faster lynxchan is the go to engine now. It runs of node.js instead of shitty php. don't waste your time on vichan. it sucks.


Lynxchan looks and feels like shit. Vanilla Vichan is pretty shitty as well, but at least it attempts to emulate the look and feel of an imageboard, unlike Lynxchan.

And if an imageboard software does not attempt to appear as an imageboard, what's the point really? In such a case, its runtime and engine operation means fuck all.


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actually lynxchan is styled after an imageboard. I was just f-ing around though, seeing if anyone would get mad

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can a nigga get instance-config for THIS board setup??

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Someone knows how to put it



4chan is different than vichan, but to make a web browser popup java code could do it, or php code.



to make a html popup in javascript or php is easy, you would have to insert the code when someone clicks on a link to the board.

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Need to contact someone about having some photos deleted from a thread. My daughter at the age of 15, made the mistake of letting her boyfriend take inappropriate photos of her. Disgruntled he decided to post them on one of your /ky/ threads on the http://usa.anon-ib.ru website. She has hardly left her room for the past couple months and I could tell there was something off about her. She finally came to us and told us. We live in a very small town. Where something like this can severely effect her life. Please help us. I need to contact someone immediately.
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Please delete files of my daughter. She is a minor and had no idea pictures of her were on this site. 2 pictures were hacked, and 3 were hers that were taken. I don't know where to turn. Can you please help?


You make me not take revenge from my ex, as I reflect my would-have-been father in law in you.
Good luck, my man, even if there's nothing to do.
Go to http://usa.anon-ib.ru and report it all.


It is easy to get rid of it. Get some ppl together and flood the board. Make real posts. then the post you want off will get bumped past the auto delete limit. duh.

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Trying to access mod.php for the first time on a fresh installation of the newest subversion of vichan.

Deprecated features in PHP 7.1.x


I'm having the same problem. Help?


fixed it, you have to use PHP 7.0 for it to work.


it means php 7.1 is installed. You have to set php version to 7.0

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When I put things in instance-config.php should there happen something? Because seems like website stays unchanged, should I rebuild or something?


Here is my instance-config.php


* Instance Configuration
* ———————-
* Edit this file and not config.php for imageboard configuration.
* You can copy values from config.php (defaults) and paste them here.

$config['db']['server'] = '';
$config['db']['database'] = 'chan';
$config['db']['prefix'] = '';
$config['db']['user'] = 'test';
$config['db']['password'] = 'test';

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Is it possible to preserve the filename of an uploaded file for certain filetypes?


I don't think so, since the uploaded files must to be unique in the database (don't quote me on this, I'm not an expert, this is just what I belive), by using either random filenames or UNIX timestamp ones (the string of numbers most chans do).

However, you can use the additional javascript 'download-original.js' that comes with Vichan to let users download files with their original filenames.


Thank you. That will do the trick

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Argenchan.org señores! la mejor web anonima del mundo.

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Argenchan.org señores! la mejor web anonima que existe

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Hi, vichan newb here.

I just installed it for the first time with default settings. Upon trying to create a new topic in /b/ I get an error message:

"You don't have permission to access /vichan-master/post.php on this server.

Additionally, a 400 Bad Request error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."

I'm probably missing something really obvious, but the permissions on everything seem correct. post.php is set to 755.

Any directions on where to look to solve this would be appreciated.



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