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Need help removing brie lyn Washington post I got contacted by attorney being sued

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So I have this small imageboard, currently I use Kusaba X and the cheapest shared hosting on Namecheap. I thought about moving to use Vichan and a VPS, how powerful VPS do I need to run Vichan?


I've got a pretty basic VPS. I don't think you'll need the biggest and baddest option tbh, you should instead look at bandwidth options and make sure your server deal includes enough or even unlimited to cover all the data transfer (images being posted) to your server.

Vichan is a pretty light-weight software.



Yeah I figured so, bandwidth most likely won't be a problem as my board has very few posters.

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Your post looks automated

How the fuck do I turn this shit off




النص العربي test

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How do I post with a capcode? And can I keep regular users from using the mod/admin capcodes?


>How do I post with a capcode?
Says in the documentation, doesn't it? However you format your capcode in instance-config.php is the way you use it. The standard is 'name ## whatevercapcodeyouuse' or just '## whatevercapcodeyouuse' if you do not namefag or tripfag while posting with it.

>And can I keep regular users from using the mod/admin capcodes?

Your capcode permissions are set to mod by default I believe, so a non-mod can't even use them. You need to be logged in to the imageboard moderator system in order to even make capcodes work. For regular users, attempting to use a capcode results in a tripcode instead due to two hastags (##) generating a secure trip.

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So I was banned for no apparent reason. Is there anyway that someone can lift my ban? Thanks.


Anyone? I was banned from anon.ib for no reason. Is there a moderator who can lift my ban? Thanks :)

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How change days ago to date?


Disable local-time.js

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Whenever I try to make a post it appears the error "The server took a long time to submit your post. Your post was still probably sent. If it was not, we may be experiencing problems now - please try your post later Error Info: ", Does anyone know how to solve?


Could be something wrong with your PHP. Could be unclosed tags, wrong syntax or some shit like that. I recieve this error if I fuck up the PHP, namely.

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For whatever reason, whenever someone is banned on my imageboard, they never get redirected to the banned.php page, but rather get a "incorrect CAPTCHA" error upon trying to post. I've tried seeing if this problem is latent in the stock form of vichan, however upon posting while banned it redirects to the banned.php page as intended. So, what exactly could be causing this to happen? Does anyone know if one of the extensions causes this to happen, and which one causes it?


Never mind, apparently having both CAPTCHA and the redirect to the banned.php causes the "incorrect CAPTCHA" error to happen. Otherwise, the redirect to the bbanned.php page works fine.

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How Can I make webms generate a thumbnail when uploaded.
For example 14349892433.webm will create 14349892433.jpg and be linked to the post.


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How do insert a boardlinks like this?
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Yep, definitely Infinity. See that "create" link there? vichan does not have a way for users to create boards, that's an admin feature only (for better or for worse).


The boardlist (the top row with links to boards or whatever you want) is not an Infinity-exclusive feature, fss guise

It's there in the native Vichan code. Just look for "boardlist" in your config files, it should be there somewhere. Was almost a year since I did a fresh install so I can't tell you exactly how to get it.


Welp it's been 7 fuckin months and nobody replied, so I assume you figured it out, but for anyone else who cares, you just need to set $config['boards']. It should be a multi-dimensional string array with names of boards to display (each array corresponds to a "category" wrapped in a separate pair of square brackets), e.g.:

$config['boards'] = array(array('g1b1', 'g1b2', 'g1b3'), array('g2b1', 'g2b2'));

This would lead to the following being displayed at the top:

[ g1b1 / g1b2 / g1b3 ] [ g2b1 / g2b2 ]

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