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I am retarded and cannot get the catalog working, any help would be greatly appreciated. It 404s when you try to go to catalog.html for me.

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Both of these pictures are of a MINOR, and they were posted without her knowledge. It also lists her FULL NAME, her HOMETOWN, and WHERE SHE GOES TO COLLEGE. UNACCEPTABLE


what kind of miner? bitcoin? coal? copper ore?

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How can I achieve automate YouTube embedding like on 4chan?

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Hello guys. How I can change a main page (Home page) in my board?
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go to mod.php, sign in. go to manage themes or something. install theme then change recent.html to index.html.




I use htaccess to redirect the home page to a different page

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Anytime I attempted to go to Desuchan's /loli/ board, it redirects me to Desuchan's homepage.

There was a newsletter saying that such content was banned (except in NL); any luck in helping me with this redirect? (I tried contacting Uboachan but I feared of getting banned circa 2014 (don't ask))

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I created this thread on uboachan's /comp/ board. Before being banned for posting gore (don't change the subject) I added two posts to it. When
the thread moved to uboachan's /ot/ board, I discovered that my posts were missing - scroll to the bottom of this archive to understand:

It was bumped off due to new thread traffic because I can't remember those two missing posts, any luck in helping me with this?

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What file generates the HTML for the boards?

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Who can I pay to help me with specific requests for my vichan site?


Me. quakersoat@gmail.com
I've written imageboard software from scratch, so I can definitely whip you up whatever you need in vichan.


Mailed you.


how much?

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can anyone help me with getting the drag and drop file upload going on my board like they have here? I'm on version 5.1.4


its all done with additional JS, but I dont remember exactly what files you need.


I found it, thanks though.

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does vichan not allow you to put and keep banners up top right below the board name? I can html it in, bit it just goes away right when a new post is posted.
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wanna suck my cock


I even tried doing the banner.php thing but got nothing that way also.

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