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where in vichan's software do i paste the google analytics code?


seriously guys. please help


Why the hell do you want to use that? FAG ALERT!

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This girl is 16 and is way under age. Please delete. It’s gross.

File: 1509075281787.png (466.22 KB, 677x630, Screenshot_1.png) ImgOps Google


Majority of the photos are of girls of myself and from high school of our underage photos. Please Delete this whole post, not only that most of the photos is of us is 16- but they are also putting our location, our names and last name initials (most spelling out our last names) but most of these photos were personal photos that was not posted online most are revenge porn basically.
Also most of the girls reported the site to the government.



fuck you


or you can go fuck yourself??

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Please remove this thread, the girl in the photos is underage. Protect her privacy and reputation. Going to report this.

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File: 1507574289211.jpg (38.34 KB, 565x600, meow we're talking.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

fuck you

don't want nudes of yourself out there, don't take pictures of yourself naked

stupid bitch


Bump for remove


Girl is underage and suffering, saw her last message on her social yesterday. Remove the thread.

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Under the "Rochester 585" thread there are several girls under 18. The cops are being called and action is going to be taken. Remove now

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How do i import my database from original Tinyboard engine?


I mean i want switch to vichan from tinyboard but save all the content

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I need to set a unique ID for a certain IP address (for tor posters) - how do I do that?

Is there a list of all $config commands that can go into instance-config.php/config.php?



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Please delete this thread. Photos have been leaked without permission. This is violating this person privacy. Plus, person it's underage.

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New thread has been created please remove this too http://anon-ib.la/cosp/res/61678.html


Remove also the new post please.


Remove this post. It contains explicit photos of a minor. Link: http://anon-ib.la/cosp/res/61678.html

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How do we request the removal of images from your site? This is not the image - Do you have a contact email address?

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Any ideas on how to get discord style emoji markup?

Like :smile: would make a smiley emoji


$config['markup'][] = array("/\::smile::/", "<img src="link_img");


This didn't work. I only end up getting a broken image and a URL

$config['markup'][] = array("/\:c:/", "<img src='http://www.achanname.com/static/caustic.png'>");



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