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how can i fix that ?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mcrypt_create_iv() in /vichan.local/public_html/chan/vichan/inc/mod/auth.php on line 73 Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Twig_Autoloader in /vichan.localpublic_html/chan/vichan/inc/lib/Twig/Autoloader.php on line 17


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fix that
sudo php5enmod mcrypt && sudo service apache2 restart



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guys! guys! how can i make multiple images in post ? can donate some btc for fast advice, need it real bad, real fast. halp! get u some beer for this!


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edit config.php but nothing changed in post page…

// Maximum number of images allowed. Increasing this number enabled multi image.
// If you make it more than 1, make sure to enable the below script for the post form to change.
$config['additional_javascript'][] = 'js/multi-image.js';
$config['max_images'] = 50;


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I was wondering if I can get some support on vichan. I am trying to fuck this chick and to impress her I am going to say I created vichan. SO can you change the copyright to my name at least till I fuck her a couple times?


made my night

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Hey czaks,

Please check anon8@vichan.net

Thank you.

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Does vichan come with a back door? I like back doors, if you know what I mean.


Just a test, please ignore.



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hi! Im trying to get hide-images.js to work. I noticed like on wizchan.com they have hide images in the stylesheet selector, some other pages have a link to hide images. I put hide-images.js in my config.php like it says to and nothing happens after rebuild. My entire config.php is below can someone pls tell me where to put hide-images.js in the config file?


* Instance Configuration
* ———————-
* Edit this file and not config.php for imageboard configuration.
* You can copy values from config.php (defaults) and paste them here.
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jesus I see that this website has hide images in the options link above. so that is 3 wAYS to do it..in the css select, in the options tab or as a link




>I put hide-images.js in my config.php
>My entire config.php is below
Well, the hide-images.js is not there m8

Put in there somewhere, preferably next to other $config['additional_javascript'] declarations for code cleanliness, and rebuild. You should now have it as a selectable checkbox in the options.

The Wizardchan style selector feature has nothing to do with this .js-file and it is not a native Vichan feature.

However, it is very easy to set it up if you want a feature like it, since it's literally just CSS. Just make a new CSS file that specifies all post image elements and set it to 'display: none;', declare it in your instance-config.php with $config['stylesheets'] and bam! - you're done.

t. Not Czaks, just an anon

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What to do when I'm installing board and get this error after 3rd step: Database error: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user ''@'localhost' (using password: NO)

This error also bricks whole site only index works but install.php etc. shows just white. My mysql passwd and user are correct ones and database also.
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I have tried multiple databases and users but I always get this error.


use tinyib it does not require a database


press back and then do it again.

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