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I am having an issue with quick reply on my site. When on a mobile browser and you try to open quick reply it is off screen is off screen in vertical mode and half cut off in horizontal. Does this with every mobile browser I have tried.


Still haven't worked this one out.


Bump for the new year.

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How do i enable the fancy UI
Enlarge images on click etc.
I can see the jquery-ui folder but..
>What do?

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Hello guys. This error appear when I tried to create a static page from dashboard. How to fix this?
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This >>571
should fix this problem.


Thanks, but what about this >>551


I would like to know too.

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I'm experiencing several weird issues with latest master:
-non-OP posts must have subjects or users see an error about the subject column being null
-missing mob_board whatever index when trying to access logs with public_logs set to 1
-OP post images don't display, instead showing 'embedding error' (non-OP post images work fine)
Any clue what's up with any of these?
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Also I have a comment with regard to config: password hashes should be stored, NOT passwords.


Same issue with subject field disabled (i.e. it makes replying impossible)


Oh and one more issue I've only now found out: trying to access the catalogue on a board yields 404.

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I set "$config['public_logs']" to "1" which should enable it, but when anyone goes to a public log page it gives the error "Undefined index: mod_board_log". I have no idea how to fix it.


I have the same problem, have you figured out what the problem is? It looks like the install script didn't generate the index properly.


There's a fix here:

>Add this somewhere in your config:

>$config['mod']['mod_board_log'] = MOD;

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any idea how I could force all post to be anon?

also need to know how to set a specific board as the homepage.


>any idea how I could force all post to be anon?
Enable forced-anon.js
Or if you don't want it to be user input based, simply remove the name field from the post form.

>also need to know how to set a specific board as the homepage.

Setup a redirect script as index, perhaps?

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what can i do about "you look like a bot" error?


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