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What does it mean by "Navigate to install.php in your web browser and follow the prompts."? I have an Apache server running but it only shows a blank page when I open install.php in a browser.
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Us chmod to change the file permissions of all files in the vichan directory. Look it up if you don't know how.


chmod 755 %/path/to/file%

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I might have lost the password to my admin account, but I still have root access to the server. How can I regain the admin password?


Well I gave up and deleted everything and reinstalled, but it would still be nice to know.


Insert new user through SQL query, Luke.

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The http://tinyboard.org website is down, leaving a grand total of zero documentation on vichan. If there was better documentation it might, just maybe, be a little easier to use. Just thought I'd let you know here since I don't feel like making a Github account.


There is a Vichan wikia though, so if nothing else comes about, users who figured stuff out can share their own documentation on here.


(the wikia is not mine btw)

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Hey, I'm wondering if anyone with the capabilities to delete 2 images from http://int.anon-ib.co/ca/res/60134.html that would be appreciated. They were posted without my permission




You need to call InterPol it stands for Internet Police they might remove it.

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how can I post as admin :C


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Login to your mod.php, then click a board(/b/ for an example), put your name, and ##admin after it.

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PHP random logo?


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Here. Not sure if you already found one, but here's a working one.


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So i just reinstalled vichan. Where do I find the index page? And how do I add the boardlinks to all the boards? I'd love a simple explenation since I'm kinda a noob


Oh an btw, I'd rather not use the themes and have the boardlinks on top like on 4chan.



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>Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes

What is mean? And how to fix.
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>Help & support


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I'm not part of vichan official support, but this is how I fixed it:

Some information about this error first:

MySQL has different limits on the amount of space you can use to define indexes on column(s) - for MyISAM it's 1,000 bytes; it's 767 for InnoDB. And the data type of those columns matters - for VARCHAR, it's 3x so an index on a VARCHAR(100) will take 300 of those bytes (because 100 characters * 3 = 300).

This error comes from trying to make unique key 'u_pages' using 'name (VARCHAR 255)' and 'board (VARCHAR 255)', 2 * (255 * 3) = 1530 bytes, so it goes over MySQL limit.

How to fix (before installation):

1. First find a file called install.sql

2. Find lines (at 306):

CREATE TABLE `pages` (
`board` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
`name` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
`title` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
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blaze it fgt

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