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Help! I don't know my password for mod.php


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password is password

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Can anyone help me file a report on a thread? I've been contacting their email and no on has replied to me. I was wondering if i should take legal action.

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Not sure what the fuck I did, but I did it, and now I get this error when I try to install vichan.


You didn't specify a MySQL user, or didn't make one, or something.


Actually, I'm dumb. I had this happen straight after you said.
I tried to switch to lainchan, and that's when stuff broke, and reinstalling wouldn't work.
I'd bet that .installed is still in your root directory, because apparently rm -r * doesn't delete hidden files. So vichan thinks that a database and user is already set up, but it isn't.

Just delete .installed, for realsies this time.

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the girl in these is also underage and needs to be removed, all images please.

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I have been contacted by the person in this thread http://anon-ib.su/pe/res/36.html to take them down but i'm having problems with this could an admin help me out, need everything removed thank you

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This page might be taken down if measures are not applyied.

The following post, contains illegal photos of an author/artist from a page with strict terms and conditions about content sharing that makes this, something illegal.


Delete the post and photos. Ban the users.
Compliance from your part here is important.

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wtf is going on can't log into mod.php


You probably need to install php-mcrypt or something from your repo. Make sure it's enabled in httpd's config, too.

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And now this


same here


You need to run mysql's command and add the user you tell vichan to use.


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how do i get onto Admin?


There is (or should be) a file called mod.php. Open it.


username: admin
password: password

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how do i set special banners for each board ?


Upload the banners, then edit the index.html of the board and add the banners?

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