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How can I make a staff only or password protected board?


Modify .htaccess and password protect the directory/file you want to be password protected.

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When I change the setting to allow multiple images (both max_images and multi-images.js) nothing changes.

What could I be doing wrong ?

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This happens on upgrade from 4.9.93 to 5.1.3. Unknown column 'salt' in 'mods' I don't even know where to look for such a problem. Is it in the database? Instance-config? Somewhere else?


Error information

[SQLSTATE] => 42S22
[Error code] => 1054
[Error message] => Unknown column 'salt' in 'mods'
[backtrace] => Array
[0] => Array
[file] => /var/www/testchan/install.php
[line] => 558
[function] => error
[args] => Array
[0] => Unknown column 'salt' in 'mods'

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How do i delete someones picture it's child porn Yuk


Go into you're mod.php, sign in, click your board, then click the [B&D] to B& and delete the picture.

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I posted on a anon board. I never typed in a pw but post went through anyway. Now I can't delete. I've tried "password" and •••••••• can any one please help me. I know this place isn't for dummies like me. But I'm desperate


Just report post to mods or admin chan


you are gay

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Please, I have a vichan IB , can you show me how to post as admin?


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Hello! I have a problem. Im trying to modify for example the /b/ design. The problem is that I can modify the .html file located in /b/index.html but when a new post submit it resets automatically to the default /b/ index. So how can I modify the /b/ page??? Anyone with the same problem??

Really Thanks you and sorry for my bad english… :D !!


You'll have to modify the index.html file in the templates folder. The index.html in /b/ is a dynamic file that responds to the .html in /templates, and thus fetches all the markup from that upon every rebuild.

You can also modify other general markup layouts from the the templates folders, such as themes, post form etc

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It is safe to update vichan to version 5.1.3 or there are bugs to fix?
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what is the nntpchan folder?


Is okay to delete the folder nntpchan?


"3f38a6d" it is version 5.1.3 right?

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Pic unrelated.

In a thread where post >>2 and >>3 both quotes >>1 and treeview is enabled, posts are displayed as:



The latter came before the former, which looks unnatural.

I tried a bit to rewrite treeview.js but my brain got stuck before all that detach() and insertAfter() logic. Hope someone can pick it up and continue.

For some reason I can't do shit via GitHub so I'll simply post a paste:

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