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does vichan not allow you to put and keep banners up top right below the board name? I can html it in, bit it just goes away right when a new post is posted.
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new update on vichan




wanna suck my cock

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can anyone help me with getting the drag and drop file upload going on my board like they have here? I'm on version 5.1.4


its all done with additional JS, but I dont remember exactly what files you need.

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Who can I pay to help me with specific requests for my vichan site?

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How do I make the boardlist show on search.php?


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Both of these pictures are of a MINOR, and they were posted without her knowledge. It also lists her FULL NAME, her HOMETOWN, and WHERE SHE GOES TO COLLEGE. UNACCEPTABLE

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How can I keep my old posts in an Archive, like 4chan does?

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Also why cannot use themes? it ask for uri isnt that localhost? or localhost\yoursite

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Please delete this unauthorized images of me!

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Please remove this post immedistely. The pictures of the two sisters at the bottom of the thread have been posted without their consent.

Link: http://usa.anon-ib.su/mn/res/9346.html

They are stressed and just want their pictures removed

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