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How can I keep my old posts in an Archive, like 4chan does?


Find the html directory where it shits out the static files to, unhook new entries to the database and that directory of html/images can be used as an archive. Or make a video archive, screen shot a video of each post and replies so you have an archive in video format, this way no one can tell the ip of posters


Archives are just the static html/images from a boards directory. Move all the files to another dir, make sure no one can post, unhook mysql database or take out post new reply button to disable new replies. Or make a video or pdf file of the posts and replies

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Can someone provide me the link for starting a new board? I cannot find one. Thanks



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You know how tinyib offers moderation of posts so they have to be approved b4 being shown?. I am offering money to someone who can code a moderation or login system for vichan. Basically it needs 2 b regulated, not an open board


Op here again, or an easy node js imageboard that can be moderated. Basically, i need a good efficient board that can be moderated

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I'm looking for a competent vichan dev. Please mail me if you'd be interested.


I’m incompetent, but what do you need done?

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I am retarded and cannot get the catalog working, any help would be greatly appreciated. It 404s when you try to go to catalog.html for me.

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Both of these pictures are of a MINOR, and they were posted without her knowledge. It also lists her FULL NAME, her HOMETOWN, and WHERE SHE GOES TO COLLEGE. UNACCEPTABLE


what kind of miner? bitcoin? coal? copper ore?

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How can I achieve automate YouTube embedding like on 4chan?

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Hello guys. How I can change a main page (Home page) in my board?
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go to mod.php, sign in. go to manage themes or something. install theme then change recent.html to index.html.




I use htaccess to redirect the home page to a different page

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Anytime I attempted to go to Desuchan's /loli/ board, it redirects me to Desuchan's homepage.

There was a newsletter saying that such content was banned (except in NL); any luck in helping me with this redirect? (I tried contacting Uboachan but I feared of getting banned circa 2014 (don't ask))

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