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I'm getting this when I try to add a new user.

php 7.

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I am having an issue with quick reply on my site. When on a mobile browser and you try to open quick reply it is off screen is off screen in vertical mode and half cut off in horizontal. Does this with every mobile browser I have tried.


Still haven't worked this one out.


Bump for the new year.

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How do insert a boardlinks like this?
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Might be wrong, but I think that feature is from Infinity, a fork of vichan.


Yep, definitely Infinity. See that "create" link there? vichan does not have a way for users to create boards, that's an admin feature only (for better or for worse).


The boardlist (the top row with links to boards or whatever you want) is not an Infinity-exclusive feature, fss guise

It's there in the native Vichan code. Just look for "boardlist" in your config files, it should be there somewhere. Was almost a year since I did a fresh install so I can't tell you exactly how to get it.

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Trying to enable multi upload and drag and drop.

I have it enabled in inc/config.php
* ====================
* Image settings
* ====================
// Maximum number of images allowed. Increasing this number enabled multi image.
// If you make it more than 1, make sure to enable the below script for the post form to change.
$config['additional_javascript'][] = 'js/multi-image.js';
$config['max_images'] = 6;

And I rebuild everything after enabling, but it doesnt show am i missing something?

And rotating banners, i have the script and all but what file do ya edit to add it so its the same in every /catagory/ i use the same blue style as here.
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How do i enable the fancy UI
Enlarge images on click etc.
I can see the jquery-ui folder but..
>What do?

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Hello guys. This error appear when I tried to create a static page from dashboard. How to fix this?
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This >>571
should fix this problem.


Thanks, but what about this >>551


I would like to know too.

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Sarah Lee / Jiinx
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Can you send more pictures?
Where to find?


Please can someone give a hint where to find all her stuff? Would even pay for it!!



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